I’m wondering if it is known
who first used the term, “Smartphone”.
Smart, may be the case for some.
but my smart phone is really dumb.


It always makes me take a look
at all the posts found on Facebook.
And then it forces me to play
games that take my day away.


Then there’s texting. What a crime.
I must keep up, and that takes time.
Why is it that my phone can’t see
it robs precious time from me?


Smart phones brother’s just as bad.
If you’ve not met, his name’s ”I-pad.”
I’d get a lot more done, I bet,
if they’d both lose the internet.


It’s time for me to take control
before they own my very soul.


Oh Look!


New texts are coming through…


Goodbye soul. I’ve things to do.


Ron Tranmer©