Baseball Coach

  He has a love for baseball And he knows well the game. He loves the young boys on his team and they love him the same.   He teaches them the rules all about good sportsmanship. How to hold a baseball bat and where they need to grip.   How to stop a...

Heaven’s Golf

  My joy is full for I now know there’s golf in Paradise. I’m on the seventh hole and this course is REALLY nice!   Fairways are all plush and green. The sun shines day and night. You never walk from ball to ball, but move around by flight.   Heaven has...

How To Cook Bottomfish

  Cut off head.
 Clean and scale.
 Put on board.
 Season well Fourth cup oil Lightly poured.
 Bake one hour.
 Eat the board.  

Seize The Moment

    It’s  Saturday morning  and grass needs  a mowing. The weeds in the garden keep growing and growing. The garage is a mess, and a broom’s waiting there. The bathroom needs painting, but he doesn’t  care.   The garbage  is full and needs put  in its  can,...

Sports Fan

  I love the game of football. And, baseball I adore. I love golf and basketball, But dear, I love you more.   So never think I put sports first. You mean much more to me. Now zip your lip and move aside. You’re blocking the TV!...