An angel in a robe of white

came to me as I slept last night.

She smiled and whispered in my ear,

“It’s time for you to come my dear.”

“ Though time was short since you were born,

you’ve earned the crown without the thorns.

God knows the sweetness of your soul.

Your spirit and heart are pure and whole”

I asked if I could say goodbye,

to Mom and Dad who were nearby.

The angel smiled, and said with a nod,

“I’m sure that will be ok with God.”

Did you feel my kiss goodbye,

and tears that fell from my eyes?

Have trust in God, though I must go

Just like me, He loves you so.

He’ll comfort you and hold your hand

and help you, so you’ll understand.

And when your heavenly call comes too,

with outstretched arms I’ll come to you.