You’ll find us almost anywhere

Maybe right next door.

We’re young, old and in between.

We’re rich and we are poor.


We come in different colors,

different sizes, different wear.

We’re brothers, and we’re sisters.

A bond we’ll always share.


Proud American Veterans

with true camaraderie.

Many of us lost their lives

that others can be free.


We’re bankers, barbers, brokers,

and retired seniors too.

And together we stand ready

to protect what’s good and true.


We say to those who disrespect

our anthem, God and flag;

“You’re free to disagree,

and also free to pack your bag.”


This country isn’t perfect

but with God we’ll persevere

in defeating those who challenge

the values we hold dear.


We will never take for granted

how greatly we’ve been blessed.

Of all the places in this world,

America’s the best.


The uniforms which we once wore

have now been put away.

But till’ the end, we will defend

God… and the USA.


We are Veterans!