Hooked the wagon to my horse to go get some supplies.

But when I heard them squeakin’ wheels, I come to realize,

Them hubs need greased if I’s to go cuz it was quite a ways

But when I couldn’t find no grease, I grabbed the mayonnaise.

Worked purdy good and did the job fer just a mile or so,

But when that squeakin’ noise came back I told my horse to “whoa”.

She knowed something wasn’t right and stopped right then and there.

So there we sat, me and my horse, in the middle of nowhere.

I reckoned we was stranded. Them hubs was dry again.

But my ol’ mare has horse sense. She raised her tail… and then…

It weren’t but bout ten minutes, till’ we’s back on the trail.

Them wagon wheels was runnin smooth… but what an awful smell.