Amid my greatest sorrow,
and with heartache and despair,
I fell upon my knees
and went to the Lord in prayer.

“Dear Father up in heaven,
please take me by the hand.
Bring comfort to my aching heart
and help me understand.

Could not my child have stayed
to live and grow on earth,
instead of going back to You
so quickly after birth?

I trust, Lord, in your wisdom
but it’s hard for me to see
why you’d give, then take away,
a child so dear to me.”

I paused for but a moment
to wipe away a tear,
when came a certain calmness
and I felt His presence near.

There were no angels singing,
nor signs from above.
But I felt His arms around me,
and the greatness of His love.

I know beyond all doubt
the power of prayer is real.
for His spirit gently touched my soul
and helped my poor heart heal.