1. I’m your God exclusively. There is no other God but me..


2. Worship me only. No image will do. Would you rather I bless a rock, or you?


3 Be careful how you use my name. I’m God. Respect me. Don’t take it in vain.


4. Keep the Sabbath a Holy Day. Worship and rest. Don’t work or play.


5. To disrespect your parents is wrong.. Honor and Love them. Live well and long.


6 Don’t take a life that I have given, or you’ll end up way south of Heaven..


7. You’ve made vows to each other and Me. Honor them… Don’t commit adultery.


8. Be honest and trusting in all you do. Take nothing that doesn’t belong to you.


9 To bear false witness is a serious lie. Be truthful in all that you imply.


10. If it’s not yours, but you just love it and wish it were, is sin. Don’t covet.