(A joke put to rhyme)

Ted and Fred were out walking their dogs

and decided to stop for a drink.

But a sign made them freeze, “No pets allowed please”

so they stopped for a moment to think.

“Just follow me and do as I do”

said Fred as he walked through the door.

“I’ll use a trick that really works slick.

I know ‘cause I’ve used it before.”

With dogs at their side, they walked in the bar,

giving the sign little heed.

The bartender said, while shaking his head,

“Whattsa matter. Can’t you guys read?”

Fred, with his plan, said “Bartender man’

this Labrador’s eyes replace mine.

He can’t leave my side, for he is my guide.

You see, I’m totally blind.”

“Oh, please forgive me, I thought you could see.

I’ll bring you a drink right away.

But as for your friend, I hate to offend,

but he, and his dog, cannot stay.”

Ted spoke up with a hand on his pup,

“Bartender, I too am blind.”

The bartender said “Pleeze…that’s a Pekinese.

You think I don’t have a mind?”

Ted jumped from his chair, yelling, “I declare!”

and fell to the floor on his knees.

“How can it be that they’d do this to me?

They gave me a Pekinese?”