(I can’t lay it out in Word Press, but if you shift the short lines to center, the poem forms a cross.)


The cross is as an emblem

of my love, pure and true

and serves as a reminder

of my suffering for you.

For  it  was  on  a  wooden cross  I was nailed  and  lifted up.

And because of my great love for you, I drank the bitter cup.

The  mind  cannot perceive and  there  are  no  words to tell,

the  greatness of My pain, as  that hammer  struck each nail.

I hung and died there on that cross, to ransom you from sin,

that  when  your  life  is  over,  heavens  gate  may bid you in.


Let not what I have suffered

be forgotten, or for naught,

but remember why I came

and remember all I taught.


Live each day in such a way

that all who know you see,

a kind and grateful Christian

who loves, and lives, for Me.


You are precious in my sight.

I saved your soul from loss.

So think how great My love

every time you see a cross.