I stood ready at the gravesite

of a Marine who lost his life.

A hero who had left behind

a young son and a wife.


Intrigued by my bugle

his boy walked to my side.

“My daddy was a Marine”, he said,

through tears he fought to hide.”


“I didn’t get to tell him

that I love him, and goodbye.

Now I can’t because he died”…

And he began to cry.


 I knelt down and searched for words

to comfort him somehow.

and said, “His spirit’s with you

and he feels your love right now..


Stay beside me if you like.

I’ll sound taps loud and clear.

It’s notes will tell your dad goodbye.

I’m sure that he will hear.”


The gun salute was fired.

It was time for me to play

in honor of a hero

who died and went away.


His little son brought up his hand

upon the bugle’s sound,

and saluted his brave daddy.

Not a dry eye could be found.


I’ve played Taps at many gravesites,

but I honestly can say;

Never has it touched my heart

as it was touched that day.