He put the child’s hand In His
and said, “Come walk with me.
I know a very special place
that I’d like you to see.”

So hand in hand they walked
picking flowers along the way.
Each one adding splendor
to a colorful bouquet.

It was when they crossed the veil
that the little child knew;
and looking up, she softly said,
“You are God…aren’t you”?”

He took her up into His arms,
then kissed her cheek and smiled.
“We are now in Heaven
my pure, sweet, little child.

You’ll be a guardian angel
to the family you hold dear,
and watch over them each day
until they come to join us here.”

The little angel looked to earth
and saw her mother sleeping.
Her pillow wet from all the tears
that she had shed while weeping.

And, when the angels mom
awakened to a brand new day…
there on the bed beside her
lay the beautiful bouquet.