I’ve entered the ring and I’m ready to fight

I’ll need all my strength, and I’ll need all my might.

The opponent is big, and so very  strong.

To win seems impossible. This may not last long.

In a tension filled room the bell rang aloud.

I heard somebody yell, “You can win. Make us proud.”

My opponent rushed quickly over to me.

He was  big, tough and mean, and  I wanted to flee.

He hit me so hard that I fell to the floor.

I lay hearing the count,  … 1….2….3….4.

Should I try to get up, or stay down and wait?

The count kept on going,   5….6….7….8.

Then piercing my soul came a voice to my ear;

“Son, reach out to me. We can win. I am here.

It hurts Me to see you in such agony.

You are my child, and are precious to me.”

Tears came to my eyes, and new strength to each glove.

I knew that the voice was my God, from above.

I jumped to my feet just before the count ten,

Committed to never be knocked down again.

With the Lord in my corner, the opponent looks small,

He’s not a not man, but drugs and alcohol.

Though he’s determined, defeat is my vow,

He trembles with fear, because God’s with me now.

The fight is not over, but my foe’s on the run.

A fight that seemed hopeless is soon to be won.

With the Lord in our corner, each battle we’ll win,

With victory assured when we turn to Him.

by Ron Tranmer