(A True Story)

I stopped at a local rest home

to visit a an ailing friend,

when an elderly lady waved at me

from her door near the hallway’s end.


She was happy when I walked over.

There was something she wanted to say.

She smiled and said from her wheelchair,

“My boy will come visit today.”


It’s been a while since I’ve seen him,

He’s always quite busy you know…

He doesn’t live too far from here,

I love him and miss him so.


He was always such a good boy.

And the only child we had.

He was only 10 years old

When I lost my husband…his dad.


He married soon after college.

And got a great job with good pay

He calls me at times on the telephone,

But I know he’ll come visit today.


It’s lonely here in the rest home.

How I long for my son to come by.

I know my health is failing,

But he’ll visit before I must die.”


I leaned over, gave her a hug

and brushed her tears away.

She said, “ I don’t know why ‘I’m crying…

My boy will come visit today.”