It’s  Saturday morning  and grass needs  a mowing.

The weeds in the garden keep growing and growing.

The garage is a mess, and a broom’s waiting there.

The bathroom needs painting, but he doesn’t  care.


The garbage  is full and needs put  in its  can,

but now’s not  the  time. It’s not  part of his plan.

There  must  be  good  reason  to  warrant  delay.

Does he think if ignored, they will  just  go  away?


Not  a  man  in  this  world  has more he could do.

If  he  doesn’t get started this day will be through.

How  can  this  man  with  so  much  on  his  plate

find  good  cause  and  reason  to   procrastinate?


It’s  because he’s a  father  who  is  certainly  wise,

and a giant of  a man,  in  his  dear  family’s  eyes.

He’s a man  who  has  mastered   life’s   priorities,

as he chooses each moment  important  to  seize.


So  where  is  this  man with so much to  be done?

He’s  in  the  backyard  playing catch  with his son.