Book Reviews and Comments

“I just finished reading your book. Thank you for putting such an abundance of feelings in one book. I found myself with tears in my eyes reading one poem, but smiling during another. Your wonderful book helped me during a very difficult time.”                  

 Thank You,  Jacque

How can I thank you for your book, “Poetry Of Comfort & Hope”?  It is a treasure. It surely brought comfort and peace to my heart as soon as I started reading it. What a wonderful gift you have!



Dear Mr. Tranmer,

My mama passed away a year ago last Sunday.  It has been a very sad time for me.  I saw “Broken Chain” on a plaque the other week and did a search where I found your website and your book. I received my book this afternoon in the mail!

Words can’t say how much your book means to me.  I have read it a lot and each time it gives me a little more comfort.  Mama always liked poems, sayings and I too enjoy them.

I lost my daddy in 1995, but it was nothing like this, guess because I still had my Mama.

I just wanted to let you know how much your book means to me, especially at the first anniversary of Mama’s death.

Bless You,



Mr. Tranmer,

I am a Kuwaiti mom and live in Kuwa, but I believe poetry is a universal language all people appreciate and enjoy.

I have just lost a two years old boy 2 months ago and found your book to be very touching.  I almost feel it was written for me.

Thank You,



Dear Ron

Your poetry is beautiful.  Again and again I am amazed at the inspired words of art that stem from grief.  Whatever titles you carry for the work you do in your life, you can safely add the word ‘Poet’ to your list of
 accomplishments.  Your poetry is soooo good, Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful poems, they will be enjoyed by many many people.

Kindest Regards,



Mr. Tranmer,

I would like to thank you for your book, “Inspirational Poetry of Comfort & Hope”.  Your poetry is so beautiful, and is helping me deal with the loss of my momma.  Your words have brought me much comfort.  Thank You!