My spirit left my body,

and I looked down to see;

You were softly weeping

while standing over me.


I cried out, “Here I am,

way up above your head!”

But you couldn’t hear me

so I guessed that I am dead.


I walked over to an angel

who I saw was standing by,

and ask, “Is this a dream,

or did I really, truly die?”


She looked at me and smiled;

Took me by my hand and said,

“No, you are not dreaming…

I’m afraid you’re really dead.


I replied, “But I’m not ready.

I have lots of things to do.

Put me back into my body and

don’t take me ‘till I’m through.


I’ll go to church on Sunday,

and do the things I should.

If I must go today, my time

on earth won’t look so good.


I’ll say my prayers each evening

and spend time with family.

I’ll give a little to the poor

and make God proud of me.


I’ll be honest, kind, and caring

if He’ll only let me stay.

I promise…I had planned

to make these changes anyway.


The angel said, “I’m sorry.

The changes would be great;

But as I said, you are dead,

and now it’s just too late..”


She led me to a winding road

that had a steep decline.

“Paved with Good Intentions”

I saw written on a sign.


I hung my head in sorrow

for I knew very well;

It was I,  who paved the road

that I’d now take to Hell.