Through wedding vows made this day

we are now man and wife.

We vowed that we would honor,

love, and cherish all our life.

This humble vow of promise,

when we said the words, “I will”

Is a vow we won’t take lightly,

but a vow we will fulfill.

Many marriages fail today

from promises not kept.

From broken vows, and broken hearts,

many couples have wept.

But our hearts are united,

and we have no such fears.

We will be faithful, loving, and true,

throughout our married years.

The sacred vows we made this day

were heard by God above.

He heard us say, “I’ll honor, cherish,

and give you all my love”.

Our wedding vows are set in stone.

In unison we’ll trod.

It cannot fail, for vows were made

between you, and me, and God,.