The cross is as an emblem

of love beyond compare.

A reminder of Golgotha

and my Savior, who died there.


Because of His great love for me

He suffered, bled and died.

Upon a cruel, rugged cross,

my Lord was crucified.


The  mind cannot perceive,

and there   are   no words to   tell,

the   greatness of   His pain,

as that hammer struck each nail.


He hung and died upon that cross,

to ransom all from sin;

That   when  our lives  are over,

heavens  gates   may bid us in.


I’ll not forget His sacrifice,

nor let it be for naught,

but remember why He   came

and  live as He has   taught.


So as He looks upon the earth

from heaven He will see,

I live each day with gratitude

for what He’s done for me.


I give my life to Christ,

for He saved my soul from loss;

And I’m reminded of His love

every time I see a cross.