You were a loving pet and I miss you my dear friend.

  Life for me is not the same since yours came to an end.

You’re on my mind, in my heart, and now it even seems

that I’ve been missing you so much, you’re even in my dreams.


For, In a dream, not long ago, an angel came to me

and said, “I’ll take to you a place I think you’d like to see.

A lovely spot, far and beyond this earths outer ridge

  and just this side of heaven. A place called Rainbow Bridge.”


She took me by my hand and we flew into the sky.

 All the elements were blurred; we so quickly passed them by.

We arrived at Rainbow Bridge and as we crossed I was in awe

of the glorious surroundings, and beauty that I saw.


The colors of a rainbow brightly filled the sky above,

reflecting rays of splendor that brought to mind God’s love.

We came upon a meadow, and the angel stopped to say,

 “Here is where you’ll come to claim your loyal pet one day. “


The beauty of the meadow was a sight beyond compare.

Flowers, streams and grassy hills were all abundant there.

Many pets, of every kind, were playing in the sun,

and there you were there among them, having so much fun.


I awakened at that moment. The dream had been so real

that tears were on my pillow, for I love and miss you still.

 Perhaps amid my sorrow, that pure sweet angel knew

 that I would heal if I could see, Rainbow Bridge, and you.