They’re God’s creatures and I wouldn’t be mean

but when it comes to cats, here’s the thing;

I don’t like them… have no doubt,

so if you have free kittens, count me out.


I like dogs, and horses too.

Goldfish, elephants, and even you,

Zebras, lions, tigers, muskrats;

but I’m telling you… I don’t like cats.


I don’t like preachers who point and yell,

People who don’t take baths and smell.

I don’t like Judge Judy, ties or hats,

and read my lips… I- don’t- like- cats!


I don’t like mice laid at my door,

Cat hair on the furniture, bed, and floor.

Don’t let them rub against my leg.

Keep them far away, I beg.


They are sneaky, selfish, smelly & spooky.

Crazy, lazy, cocky and kooky.

Many have them, according to the stats,

but read my lips…. “I Don’t Like Cats”.