I see you up there in the window

as you’re looking down at me.

I’m singing a beautiful love song

while kneeling on one knee.


My faithful horse is at my side.

My steel guitar is in tune.

The sky is clear, the stars are bright

and there’s a big full moon.


Your heart is aglow as you listen

to the words of love I play.

You rush right down into my arms

and together we ride away.


Then I suddenly awaken.

A bit disappointed of course;

Because I know I sing off key,

and I’ve never had a horse.


I don’t play a steel guitar

and the moon is not in sight.

Many clouds are hiding the stars.

It’s a dark and dreary night.


But you’re sleeping there beside me,

and instantly I knew,

I don’t need a horse or steel guitar.

All I need is you.