I went to see my doctor.

I was having laughing spells.

He said, “It’s ha-ha idis,

and can’t be cured with pills.”


He told me to go home,

get some rest and stay in bed.

He said it’s quite contagious

and can easily be spread.


As I was driving home

I got pulled over by the law.

The cop said I was speeding.

I just smiled and said, “ha – ha.”


He handed me a ticket

and when I looked I saw

he had written, “Tear it up,

you made my day… Ha Ha!


He jumped into his car

and drove straight to channel three

with the tape that had been running

when he confronted me.


That night as I was resting

watching TV with my ma,

the news came on, and there we were

exchanging Ha ha ha.


The station staff was happy

and the calls kept coming in.

A Haha-itis epidemic

had started to begin.


It spread across the country

bringing laughter and good cheer.

Sadness, worry, woe and strife

began to disappear.


And now I end my story.

That’s all there is to tell.

Hope you catch it too,

and never do get well.