The table is set for our thanksgiving feast
and all have taken their place.
The meal of the year is finally here,
and oh, how great it will taste.
Potatoes and gravy, marshmallow yams,
and rolls that are made fresh and hot.
Turkey with stuffing, right out of the oven.
and pies that haven’t been bought.
Our family is anxiously gathered around
in a circle of love hand in hand.
A scene reminiscent of thanksgivings past.
A tradition we all understand.
Though stomachs are empty, each heart is full
as grateful heads bow down to pray
to our Father above, who’s enduring love
is the reason for joy on this day.
Dad offers the prayer, giving thanks to The Lord
for the table of food we will share.
Then tears touch his cheeks as he gives humble thanks
for much more than the food that is there.
When this day is gone, and life carries on,
may gratitude live on in me.
Lord help me I pray, make every day
a day of thanksgiving to Thee.