Life is as a highway

and we are as a car.

Our journey may be short,

or one that’s long and far.


There are many different roads

which take us here or there.

Some are very dangerous.

Let us choose each one with care.


Watch for every “Warning” sign

you see along the way.

Take each road with “Caution”,

and do not be led astray.


Could the sign, “Do Not Enter”

mean don’t enter into sin,

and, “Yield” not to temptation

mean “Keep Right”, and follow Him?


When we are at a “Crossroad”,

we must “Stop”, and there decide.

Straight Ahead”, or should we “Turn”?

Sometimes we need a guide .


When our destination’s Heaven,

life’s roads are not a guess.

We have God’s Precious Son.

Let Him be our G.P.S.