Licensing Options for Florist Shops


Go the extra mile with your customers. Make available Ron Tranmer’s book, “Poetry Of Love”.

As you know, many customers ponder what to write on the little card that goes with their selection.
(Especially the men.) The book consists of 88 verses in 8 different categories.

Lifetime royalty with books purchase!

* Anniversary * Apology * Birthday * Love * Mother’s Day * Sympathy * Child Sympathy * Valentine’s Day

Verses Like:

A rose for you, for every year
we’ve been together in life.
A “Thank You” too, from me to you,
for being a wonderful wife!


I said something that wasn’t well put.
I opened my mouth and inserted my foot.
It left the taste of a dirty old shoe.
That’s why I’m giving these flowers to you.

On angels wings your loved one flies
with graceful speed to heavens skies.
to God’s embrace and words, “Well Done”!
Welcome home, My precious one.


What is the occasion
for flowers on this day?
The answer’s pure and simple.
They’re just here to say…