Here I sit upon a plane.

My restless legs drive me insane.

The intercom beeps and the captain announces,

“Stay in your seats through these turbulent bounces.”


To stay in my seat will bring me much grief.

These legs want to stretch. They plead for relief.

The guy on my left gave me a weird glance,

And the man on my right thinks there’s ants in my pants.


I stare at the seatbelt light overhead.

I’ve learned to feel trapped when it’s glowing red.

My seatbelt now loosened, I slump in my seat,

Rub my poor legs and wiggle my feet.


I look at a book, but just can’t relax.

The stewardess walks by passing out snacks.

The intercom beeps and I hear this sweet sound.

“We’ve found some calm air, you can now move around.


I say “please excuse me” and spring from my seat,

But the guy is asleep so I step on his feet.

I’m out in the isle, moving and bouncing

When the captain comes on and I hear him announcing.


“Please return to your seats, we’re preparing to land.”

I take one last stretch and obey his command.

I smile upon landing, “goodbye restless strains:.

But then I remember…I’m just changing planes!