Before I left to come to earth
I chose you mom, to give me birth.
I bid my angel friends goodbye,
and left my home up in the sky.

Although I’m really tiny and small
and haven’t developed much at all;
My spirit is here and a part of me.
but like your spirit, not one you’ll see.

Your tummy is so cozy and warm,
but still I can’t wait to be born.
There’s so much here I want to know.
To live and love, and learn and grow.

Ouch… Mommy I just felt a bite!
Something in here isn’t right.
It’s awfully sharp and really hurts.
My blood is coming out in spurts!

Please stop this thing that’s hurting me
Why is it here? What can it be?
If I could I’d scream and cry.
Help me mom! Don’t let me . . .