An intruder has decided

to live inside of me.

One that’s feared by many.

The one they call big “C”.


He entered uninvited

and I think he plans to stay,

but I’ll do everything I can

to make him go away.


I’ll face this foe with courage,

and with faith, instead of fear;

For, If big “C” sees God with me,

he just may disappear.


God loves us; every one.

And if it is His will…

He has the power to purify.

To cleanse, and even heal.


But, all on earth shall die.

A fact that we all know.

And I do not fear death

if it’s my time to go.


Either way, Go or stay,

is up to God, not me.

And, either way…Go or stay,

there’ll be no more Big “C”.