Amid my greatest sorrow

and with heartache, and despair,

I fell upon my knees

and went to The Lord in prayer.


“Dear Father up in heaven.

In humbleness I pray

for understanding why

the angels took my child away.


I trust, Lord, in Thy wisdom,

but it’s hard for me to see

why my little baby child

could not remain with me.


My heart is filled with sorrow

and the pain is hard to bear.

I can’t endure without Thee Lord.

Please let me know You’re there.


I paused for but a moment

to wipe away a tear;

When came a certain calmness

and I felt His presence near.


There were no angel’s singing.

No signs from up above.

Just a simple, and heartfelt

confirmation of His love.


I know, beyond all doubt,

our Heavenly Father cares;

And in our greatest hours of need

He hears and answers prayers.