We can go to church on Sunday.

Pray morning, noon, and night,

but it’s not worth a sack of beans

If we’re not living right.


Heavenly Father is not fooled

by those who talk the talk,

but live their lives unwilling

to really walk the walk.


The “walk” is showing kindness

and compassion every day

to everyone we find in need

while walking life’s pathway.


The “walk” is in the footsteps

of Christ… for it was He

who taught by His example

and then said, “Come follow Me.


The walk is in obedience

to our Father up above,

for in keeping His commandments

we are showing sincere love.


The walk is straight and narrow

and takes us not to sin,

but to life eternal

where we will live with Him..


May we always walk with God,

and with His loving Son.

And let it be that They will see

our talk, and walk, are one.